Attic Insulation Installation and Replacement

Insulation to Support Your HVAC System

Living in California, especially in beautiful cities such as Camarillo, Ventura, and Santa Barbara certainly has its perks. Even if you live near the ocean, the weather can still vary from chilly nights to blistering hot days. For most residents, it’s very important to ensure your heating and cooling is always working properly. Part of making sure your HVAC system is working at maximum efficiency is making sure attic insulation is properly installed and to the recommended R values. At Pacific Aire Home Services, we are happy to offer insulation to support your furnace and air conditioning.

Comfort Attic Package

Our Comfort Attic Package gives you the complete peace of mind that your home gets the best, without the hassle and stress. Our 4-step perfect attic solution is all you need to have better insulation and energy-efficient systems.

  • Vacuum to remove old insulation, debris, and rodent droppings.
  • Air Seal all holes, gaps and leaks in your attic.
  • Low-E Radiant Barrier installed to reflect 95% of radiant heat and reduce temperature by up to 30 degrees.
  • A total cloud of new Insulation which acts like an energy saving blanket on top of your home.

Healthy Home Advantage

Don’t waste money while heating or cooling: properly seal and insulate your attic. Choose Pacific Aire to properly prepare your home to achieve maximum comfort and energy savings.

Insulation Replacement:

  • Encapsulation and/or removal of Asbestos
  • Cleaning attic debris
  • Sealing gaps in attic floor
  • Blown in insulation
  • Insulation batting
  • Attic platforms
  • Access doors and attic access seals
  • R value measurements
  • Ductwork inspection – Energy loss

Non-Flammable Insulation

In partnership with Owens Corning, we are offering the ProCat® Professional Loosefill Insulation System. Having insulation professionally installed to the recommended R values ensures fire safety. This system uses fiberglass insulation which is naturally non-combustible and does not require a retardant as compared to cellulose which is flammable. Fiberglass insulation fibers have been tested for safety and do not put your health at risk.

Laying new insulation in your attic is a beneficial home investment to reduce your energy costs. Creating a cozy home where you can unwind is a must in today’s busy society. Hiring experts to get the job done right will help keep your mind at ease.

At Pacific Aire, we value relationships as much as you do with our culture of trust and commitment. Our reputation as an exemplary HVAC contractor is the result of constant evaluation and improvement of systems, policies, and procedures. Providing unparalleled customer service is our top priority.

Peace Of Mind Guarantees

Our company has always prided itself in its exceptional customer service and commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • Comfort Guarantee
  • Exclusive “No Lemon” Guarantee
  • Installation Workmanship Guarantee
  • Lifetime No Leak Guarantee
  • On-Time Guarantee
  • Safety and Service Guarantee
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